Divas and Youth in Business (DYIB)  is a organization committed to building a better Georgia by spurring economic growth. 

Divas and Youth in Business strives to help kids, teens and adults find and follow their own paths to prosperity through entrepreneurship, job readiness, and financial education.

We recognize that innovative thinkers and business owners are the cornerstone to any vibrant business community, and we can give each entrepreneur the tools to thrive. 



Youth in Business (YIB) was founded in Long Island, NY in 2008 as a project for the UnStoppable Women and Teens Revitalization Program. Since then it has evolved into a powerful Youth Outreach Network.
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DYIB is in the process of  helping teens and young adults chart their own paths to prosperity through entrepreneurship, job readiness and financial education. To tackle youth unemployment, DYIB created "Youth In Business" (YIB) to help youth earn money, build skills, gain experience, and create their own jobs by launching businesses. 

​DYIB would like to partner with schools, organizations, business associations, and youth groups to offer YIB! 
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women in business!

To build a fruitful business, you need more than clients. You need a network of experienced professionals who believe in you—and your vision. That's the strength, beauty and purpose of the Divas in Business 
(aka Divas of Atlanta Network).

As we become Georgia's premier advocate for women entrepreneurship,
Divas In Business (aka Divas of Atlanta Network) is your partner: positioning you for business success through education, consulting, networking resources and entrepreneurial training.
(Men are Always Welcome)


Divas & Youth in Business
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